Neptune's Hair & Beard Conditioner 250ml

Belgium Made - Belgium Proud!


Leonis Barbam takes a daring, qualitative and modern approach to the contemporary man. These are also very popular with the ladies, not entirely unimportant.


Neptune hair and beard conditioner is a specialist repairer! You probably do not think about it yourself, but our hair cuticles are daily exposed to sunlight, oxygen, friction, age, pollution, chlorine, salts, ... As a result, they naturally open more and more and more and more easily (stiff, dry, brittle, split, ...). By regularly closing these with the conditioner they return to their natural reborn form (shiny, nourished, soft, restored, ...).


This nourishing hair and beard conditioner with spirulina lives up to its name. This mask belongs in every bathroom. The care goes further than any other hair mask and is proof that vulnerable hair can regain bounce and strength.
Spirulina has been used by medicine men since ancient times. The extracts of safflower and mint are used today in skin care, but have a hidden talent for hair care. The powerful mix of scents puts you in an energetic mood.

If Neptune had taken a bath in salt water for too long, this would have been his number # 1 go-to hair repair kit.

Neptune's Hair & Beard Conditioner 250ml

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