Gunsteel Shaver


BabylissPro 4 artists is currently the revelation within the hairdressing and barbering world. All devices come with a direct standard 2-year warranty. Top service with personal expertise and feedback included.


The only difference between the shavers is the color


NiMH battery

Rotary DC motor 11,000 RPM


“Babyliss Pro FoilFx Shaver REVIEW” They not only look great, sharpness, power, speed, durability, you name it ... They have it all! No more snacks, pure to the degree, almost inexhaustible battery. The foil does not break that easily compared to others and they move very well with all the shapes of the head. The body is of course a bit harder to keep clean because of its shiny appearance and the shaver also weighs more than any other. But I have never experienced such a cool old school machine and they are simply unbeatable!

Gunsteel Shaver