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Jordy's Barbershop

Specialized Hair Stylist & Barber

Jordy's Barbershop

Men only can go here for haircut and beard & stache. We work with the greatest care in a private atmosphere one on one. That has to say, the full focus and attention on you. Working according to the rules of the art is the standard. Whether you want something classic, modern or old school.


The sky is the limit @ Jordy's Barbershop.

"Barbershop of the year 2021"


Business Manager Jordy's Barbershop

Master Barber Jordy

With already 20 years of practical experience, an eagle eye for detail, high standards, attention to quality and good communication is how I work in practice. Naturally, this includes constant training both at home and abroad. Continuing to challenge myself at the highest level is how I play the game. I also provide services of a high level with excellent results as a result.

Barbier Awards

Nominations - Awards

Barbershop of the Year

After several Influencer nominations, Jordy managed to win the coveted Barbershop of the Year! High ranking nominations held annually within the hairdressing and barbering sector.

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Stay Sharp!


​Puttebroekstraat 11

3012 Wilsele (Leuven)


+32 (0) 471 266 142

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